At Toyama city in Toyama Prefecture, I found a delicious Dorayaki, which may be the roots of Dorayaki coming out on Doraemon. ” Nakao Seigetsu Dou “


When I go to a business trip to another prefecture, I try to buy something souvenirs as much as possible. When I was looking for a souvenir when I went to a business trip to Toyama city, there was a sweet food that caught on my heartstrings.It is “Dorayaki” of [Nakao Seigetsu Dou]. I often eat “Sennari (Dorayaki)” of my local sweet shop “Ryouguchiya Korekiyo” when I was a child. The head office of this [Nakao Seigetsu Dou] is located at Takaoka City in Toyama Prefecture. Founding was a long-established store in 1870.
Speaking of celebrities from Takaoka city in Toyama Prefecture, it is the place of origin from “Fujiko F Fujio” manga artist. “Doraemon” is one of the masterpieces of “Fujiko F Fujio”. Speaking of “Doraemon” ‘s favorite food, it is “Dorayaki”.
Perhaps, this [Nakao Seigetsu Dou]’s “Dorayaki” may be “Dorayaki” which became the origin of the model of “Dorayaki” coming out in “Doraemon”.


There are various opinions in a model for “Dorayaki” that comes out on “Doraemon”

It is famous as a model of “Dorayaki” coming out at “Doraemon”, which is a the shop called [Tokiya] at Shinjuku in Tokyo. It is said that it has been operating at Shinjuku for a long time since its foundation in 1948.
I can not compare and eat “Tokiya”‘s “Dorayaki” because I do not have the opportunity to go to Tokyo. I would like to see it in a reviews etc.
According to the word of a reviews etc, the characteristic of “Dorayaki” of [Tokiya] here is that the dough is not a fluffy but a solid firmly moist dough of density. Azuki beans are clearly left with grain texture, they seem to be somewhat a little sweet and a little soggy.
In anime “Doraemon”, there seems to be a scene describing the opinion that “too sweet “Dorayaki” is a wrong way!” So “Doraemon” seems to like this “Dorayaki”.
According to one theory, at the beginning of the series of “Doraemon” started with comic magazine more than 45 years ago, it seems that there was a scene that “Dorayaki of Tokiya” is the favorite of “Doraemon”.The description after that seems to have become “Dorayaki” only. It seems that information about truth is not confirmed.

“Dorayaki” of [Nakao Seigetsu Dou]

This time I bought “Dorayaki Seigetu”, a signboard product.By hand-grinding the dough one by one carefully, it has become an exquisite baked finish of mouthfeel which soft and fluffy, which can not be done with a machine. Azuki bean paste of “Dorayaki” is characterized by Azuki beans leaving and Azuki bean peel is soft. It is smooth when chewed, Azuki peel does not leave in the mouth, and it seems that you can also enjoy the unique texture of the bean paste.
Because it uses high-purity sugar, it seems that it will become a bean paste that can feel an elegant taste as a aftertaste is not persistent as it is feeling a firm sweetness.

Actually eating the “Dorayaki”, it is certainly Azuki bean paste that grains of Azuki beans are left and it feels nervous. Azuki’s peel was soft and fluffy and moist.

Section of “Dorayaki Seigetu”

The front of the package of “Dorayaki Seigetu”

Back of the package of “Dorayaki Seigetu”

“Dorayaki”, “Fujiko F Fujio” manga artist really likes may be ・・・

I feel that there are many common points in “Dorayaki of [Nakao Seigetsu Dou]” and “Dorayaki of [Tokiya]”. The dough is moist, grains of red beans of Azuki paste are left, and places with undisturbed sweetness are moderate are common.
Also, it was about 35 minutes on foot (about 2.7 Km) when I checked the distance from the area where “Fujiko F Fujio” manga artist spent primary and middle school to the head office of [Nakao Seigetsu Dou]. Considering that it was mainstream moving at walking time, I think that it is close enough distance.

Although it is my own personal guess, perhaps “Fujiko F Fujio” manga artist was felt the taste of “Dorayaki of [Nakao Seigetsu Dou]” through the taste of “Dorayaki of [Tokiya]” at that time Maybe.In 1996 when “Fujiko F Fujio” manga artist passed away, it was a time when small cell phones began to appear. Also, since the consciousness that the Internet is a tool for PC geeks to play is mainstream, I do not think that it was easy to get “Dorayaki of [Nakao Seigetsu Dou]” from Takaoka.

Even if there was a scene that “Dorayaki of [Tokiya]” is a favorite at the beginning when the series of Doraemon began with a manga magazine, “Fujiko F Fujio” manga artist at that time may be accustomed to eating “Dorayaki of [Tokiya]”. Or perhaps he could not put the precious memories of his child in manga. After that, it may be because he did not remember the name of the shop just because of his childhood memories.

It is delicious even without model of “Dorayaki” which appears in the story of Doraemon

The opportunity to purchase was “It might be a model of “Dorayaki” coming out in Doraemon,” but when I actually tried it, it was a very delicious “Dorayaki”. Although I bought it as a souvenir, both my wife and children said “It is delicious” and eaten up, the “Dorayaki” that I bought extra for me to eat have disappeared. My wife does not like the Azuki bean paste very much, but the bean paste of this “Dorayaki of [Nakao Seigetsu Dou]” seems to be delicious for my wife too.

Store information

Store name:” Nakao Seigetsu Dou ” Toyama branch
Store Address:1-4-7 Oyamusumoto-machi, Toyama-City, Toyama-Prefecture
Store hours:8:30 – 19:00
Shop holiday:Wednesday

Photos of the shop

Eterior of ” Nakao Seigetsu Dou ” Toyama branch

Signboard of ” Nakao Seigetsu Dou ” Toyama branch

Showcase of [Nakao Seigetsu Dou]’s “Dorayaki”