One day, Suddenly, my navel hurts and I have a lump on my navel, so I went to the clinic.


When I got up in the morning as usual, I changed my clothes as usual, and when I tried to go out as usual, I noticed something hurt outside my stomach.

“The stomach part that hits the belt hurts “

I thought that the position where the belt buckle and the belly hit happened badly, and I fixed the belt many times, but it still hurts. Perhaps, I thought I might be hooking the hair on my stomach, but I fixed the position, but it still hurts.

When I finished my work and went home and looked at the stomach in the mirror, I did not find any unusual parts that were particularly swollen. I tried pushing the navel with my index finger, and dull pain ran toward the inside of the navel. The pain is similar to pressing a red swollen acne.


Painful navel area and degree of pain

While slowly changing the position around the navel, I slowly pushed it with my fingers.

  • There was pain in the navel body part when I pushed it with my finger.
  • The area around the navel did not hurt when pressed with a finger.
  • The painful part had a hard object like a lump.

The part where I feel pain when I press it with my finger is the position surrounded by the red circle in the figure below.

Especially for the pain in the upper part of the navel, when I leaned forward, there was a lump-like swelling that felt uncomfortable in the stomach.
When I check it up on Google, it says that it’s really scary.
Possible minor illnesses included “pure accumulation” and “constipation”. However, if you are afraid of a serious illness, you may be seriously scared because there are also “abdominal aortic aneurysm” and “colorectal cancer”.
If you really have this serious illness, you will eventually die. Fortunately, if you are suffering from such a serious illness, constipation and diarrhea will appear as signs.
My own symptoms were nausea but no constipation or diarrhea.
The last couple of days were hot days, so I only drank cold drinks, so even if I assumed that my cold broke my stomach and that caused my navel to hurt, I did not have diarrhea or constipation did.

Go to a doctor and Check for pain

If it does not apply to the above diseases, there is a high possibility of inflammation caused by bacteria and germs. I decided it was late after something went wrong and went to the clinic the next day. At the doctor’s office, he lay on the bed as the doctor said. The doctor holds several places around his navel and surroundings. It ’s so painful.
After completing the medical examination, the doctor told me, “You are inflamed by some fungus. There is pus in the swollen area.” I feel safe because I found out that it was not a serious illness.
I was given 5 days of antibiotics and a medicine to apply to the navel. If I take the medicine properly and apply it properly, it will be smaller on the 3rd to 5th days.

I was relieved because it seems not to be a serious disease

When I search on Google, it is mostly afraid to be mentioned about navel pain. Moreover, it simply lists the possibilities of the disease, and the symptoms of the disease are just abstract expressions. Although it is only a single case, I think that what happened to me this time will be a little useful for those who read this article. If the navel hurts but pus does not appear, the possibility of mildness is high, and if there are no symptoms of diarrhea or constipation, the visceral system is unlikely. However, if you are worried, you should go to a doctor. I went to internal medicine for medical examination.

When I hit my stomach, I didn’t want my behavior to be restricted because of pain, so I decided to prescribe the medicine for the time being, but I paid 1210 yen at the clinic as an examination fee. At the pharmacy, I paid 1300 yen for a total of three antibiotics, an intestinal preparation to prevent the stomach from being damaged by antibiotics, and a paint.

I’m not sure if my navel will be cured if I leave it in pain, but because this pain has limited my behavior in my life, I thought that this examination fee and drug fee were cheap for me.